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The Atheist Camel Rants Again!: More Arguments and Observations from the Atheist Front

He’s again, and his camelus dromedarius disposition hasn’t mellowed. during this sequel to the preferred The Atheist Camel Chronicles, Dromedary Hump (Aka, Bart Centre) promises one-hundred essays on a medley of non secular subject matters very important to freethinkers and atheist activists. Drawn from the easiest of his writings, every one brief bankruptcy chronicles real-life observations, poignant observation on topical matters, and flights of fictional fancy that significantly discover the havoc religion-think and the theistically impose on we all.

The Charismatic ministry

Booklet by means of Lindsay, Gordon

Tao of Wing Chun Do: Mind and Body in Harmony

Wing Chun Do Kung Fu, a systematic and powerful martial artwork, fact dependent self-defense, in line with biomechanics and normal energy, as outlined through Sijo James DeMile, a Bruce Lee pupil throughout the Seattle years. Vol. 1, half 1.

Freedom from Religion

Even if many books on terrorism and non secular extremism were released within the years due to the fact that 9-11, none of them written through Western authors demand the curtailment of spiritual freedom and freedom of expression for the sake of larger protection. fairly, these terror-related debates have addressed what different civil liberties might be commemorated.

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Afraid you may harm your body, you don’t go to the playground. Afraid that you may fall from the tree, you don’t climb. Afraid that death may happen, you don’t go to the mountains. Afraid, afraid, afraid... you go on withdrawing yourself from life. A moment comes – you are there but all life has disappeared. Then you are secure, but at what cost? And the more you make yourself secure, the more fear arises. Have you not seen it? Poor people are less afraid than rich people – naturally, because they have much to lose, so more fear of insecurity.

He says, ”Okay, let communism be! ” The rich man is always afraid the bank may fail, the business may fail... this may happen, that may happen. He is continuously worried. It is not accidental that the rich man cannot sleep; the rich man suffers from insomnia. It is very rare to find a beggar suffering from insomnia; I have not found. I have been searching for a beggar who suffers from insomnia – I have not found. That is the rich man’s disease. The beggar has nothing to worry about! He has nothing to LOSE!

Naturally, I destroy one, you produce another – -then I have to destroy that. This is the fight between a Master and a disciple. It goes on and on. But the disciple has always been defeated. How long can you go on asking? Many of you have stopped asking, but neW people go on coming so the story continues. One day, all of you will have stopped – stopping, not out of defeat, not out of des-peration, but out of understanding. Seeing the point, that life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved – that is metanoia.

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