By Ph.D. Seifer Marc, Ph.D. Krippner Stanley

A research of the recent clinical figuring out of attention and the brain as a 5th measurement of truth

• Introduces the life of a 5th dimension--one of mind--an internal- or hyperspace the place time is transcended

• indicates how the barrier of the rate of sunshine is absolutely a gateway demarking the 5th size

Since the creation of Descartes’ dualism within the 17th century, the brain and the actual international were considered as disconnected entities. but features of brain resembling knowledge, useful motion, association, layout, or even decision-making are current in the constitution of topic and in the dimensions of area and time.

The space-time continuum of scientists often ignores the world of the brain, even though phenomena comparable to imaginary numbers, utilized by Einstein to mix house with time, are ideas that in simple terms exist within the brain. Marc Seifer contends that the inadequacy of 4-dimensional versions to account for our adventure of psychological phenomena issues to the recognition of the brain as a better organizing precept, a 5th measurement the place concepts are as genuine and quantifiable as our universal actual global. He exhibits that simply because notion permits us to maneuver from side to side via time--reflecting at the prior and planning for the future--this 5th measurement of brain breaks the legislation of relativity, thereby transcending the rate of sunshine. His wide examine of this 5th measurement levels from relativity and ether idea to precognition, telepathy, and synchronicity, all from the point of view of the unsleeping universe.

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In fact, Marc told me that after he received his master’s degree, he had visited Maimonides with the hope of apprenticing with me, but he found that I had moved to California, where I had begun teaching at Saybrook Graduate School. A few years later, Marc enrolled at Saybrook, and I became his doctoral mentor. At that time, in the early 1980s, Marc conducted several independent studies on such topics as synchronicity and precognition. Even though neither of us knew it at the time, that work planted the seeds for this book.

Physics has uncovered four forces of the universe: Electromagnetism: force that holds molecules together, the sharing of photons by elementary particles. Gravity: force that holds the planets together. Strong nuclear force: force that holds the nucleus together. Weak nuclear force: force that holds the neutron together. It is stated by the physicists that all known physical properties can be reduced to these four forces. Arthur Young speculates that all four may ultimately derive from the spin and other properties of the photon.

J. W. DUNNE, 1934 The word anthropic refers to human beings. ”1 In other words, it had to be exactly as it was or life could not have evolved. This correspondence between the precise structure of the universe and the emergence of carbon-based life systems that, at the top of the chain, resulted in entities that could think was seen by atheistic scientists as a coincidence, by Heinz Pagels as a form of “cosmic narcissism,”2 and by scientists with a theological bent as evidence of a design-maker.

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