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Lake Mcilwaine: The Eutrophication and Recovery of a Tropical African Man-Made Lake

'And God acknowledged, enable there be a firmament in the middle of the waters, and enable it divide the waters from the waters. ' Genesis 1:6 Lake McIlwaine is a synthetic lake. It was once shaped in 1952 by means of the Hunyani­ poort Dam and is located at the Hunyani River a few 37 km southwest of Salisbury* within the Republic of Zimbabwe**.

Bulletproof: Afterlives of Anticolonial Prophecy in South Africa and Beyond

In 1856 and 1857, in keeping with a prophet’s command, the Xhosa humans of southern Africa killed their farm animals and ceased planting plants; the ensuing famine rate tens of millions of lives. very similar to different millenarian, anticolonial movements—such because the Ghost Dance in North the US and the Birsa Munda rebellion in India—these activities have been intended to rework the area and free up the Xhosa from oppression.

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Don't teach me! My father, too, had a royal mandate, . " "lassureyou. . " "Assure me — what d' you mean by that? D' you mean to imply that I 'm standing here telling lies? " "Of course I don't! " "Very well! You 're admitting that I 'm not 'ieUing lies, consequently you have a royal mandate. Why do you talk such nonsense? My father. - 54 The Sed Room the feast began, so that nothing should afterwards disturb the general enjoyment. "Help me," he groaned, with the despair of a drowning man, taking a bill out of his pocket.

Good! " Falk produced a manuscript from his breastpocket and handed it to Smith ; the latter sat on it without looking at it. "You want me to publish it? Verse? I might have guessed it! Do you know the cost of printing a single page, sir? " And he playfully poked the ignoramus with the stem of his pipe. "Have you made a name, sir? No! Have you distinguished yourself in any way? No ! " "The Academy has praised these verses," "Which Academy? The Academy of Sciences? " "Yes, you know the Academy of Sciences!

Do you think that her Ladyship would honour my house at the same time? Perhaps I ought to call on her first. Come and fetch me at twelve and we 'II have a cup of chocolate at a confectioner's. My husband is away. " Yours affectionately, "Eugenia. S. " When she had despatched the letter, she got up and dressed, so as to be ready at twelve. It was evening. The eastern end of Long Street was already plunged in twilight, when the clock of the Gennan church struck seven; only a faint ray of light from Pig Street fell into Falk's flax-shop, as Andersson made ready to close it for the night.

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