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The regulating officer must be given his instructions sufficiently in advance. 162. Small streams are bridged by track bridge equipment carried in the units. C. FIGHTING AT NIGHT OR IN FOG 163. The difficulty of keeping units together in darkness and in fog compels organization in depth and the closing up of intervals. Messengers will maintain communication between units. Heavy weapons, particularly antitank units, will be placed well forward to guard against sudden conltact with enemy antitank defense.

Unarmored motorized infantry will bring up their vehicles only when the enemy fire allows. 124. When motorized infantry follow tank units, they usually assemble behind the tanks, mounted on their vehicles. The motorized infantry should move out of their assembly position in the formation in which they are to follow the tank attack. If the ground does not allow this, a short halt must be made after they have left the assembly position. D. COOPERATION WITH TANKS 125. When motorized infantry units have to clear a way for tanks through obstructed country, they attack on foot in advance of the tanks.

If the eneny offers strong resistance, a detour will be made and the succeeding troops left to deal with it, unless this course is impossible because of the ground or because it involves too serious a danger. 133. carry out pursuit on a broad front or to be able to dispatch a force to overtake the enlemy, task forces are frequently formed. Principles governing their composition and use are laid down in pamphlet D 66 "Handling of the Armored Division. ' * * See the translation published by the Military Intelligence Service as "The German Armored Division," Information Bulletin No.

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