By Denis Herbstein, John Evenson

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In Angola, the Portuguese regime of Marcelo Caetano collaborated with its like-minded allies in providing intelligence and manpower to combat respective revolutionary threats. But the tide was turning as SWAPO's ally, the MPLA, made inroads along the escape route of southern Angola. By early 1972, the north was in a state of insurrection, the temperature in the colonial hothouse stoked by fuels of many sorts. With SWAPO Youth League activity increasing in the wake of the strike, the government promulgated Proclamations R17 and R26, measures equivalent to martial law.

Carter's secretary of state, Cyrus Vance, had to manage the Cuba-South Africa balancing act. He wrote of this period: The more intense the conflict in Namibia became the greater the risk that the South Africans would carry the war more deeply into Angola, thus increasing the possibility that the Cubans would be engaged directly in the fighting. If a Cuban-South African conflict spilled over into Rhodesia, as we believe(d) it could, there would be a war along race lines in southern Africa in which we would be virtually powerless to prevent immense damage to American political, economic and strategic interests .

Police stood on top. He later signed a prepared 'confession'. It was palpably bogus and he was not charged. In London in 1979, on his first visit abroad, Johannes was asked why he was returning to Namibia. ' Sure enough, soon after his return he was behind bars again. Rarely charged, his only conviction has been for refusing to testify. After each brutal bout of ill-treatment, Johannes would decide to leave the country. But 'then people come to greet me ... we organize a public meeting. ) Finally, in 1980, his political mobility restricted by house arrest, he went into exile.

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