By Jorge Luis Borges, Norman Thomas di Giovanni (translator)

The acclaimed translation of Borges's valedictory tales, in its first stand-alone variation Jorge Luis Borges has been known as the best Spanish-language author of the 20 th century. Now Borges's amazing final significant tale assortment, The ebook of Sand, is paired with a handful of writings from the very finish of his lifestyles. Brilliantly translated, those tales mix an immediate and every now and then virtually colloquial sort coupled with Borges's signature marvelous inventiveness. Containing such really good stories as "The Congress," "Undr," "The reflect and the Mask," and "The Rose of Paracelsus," this version showcases Borges's intensity of imaginative and prescient and excellent image-conjuring strength.

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His skin grew waxy, and his cheekbones grew sharp in his face. And for the first time, the cowboy had an image of something inside of himself, like a great black worm that had found purchase within him. It lay in his bowels, feeding off him, slowly turning his cells to black, simultaneously destroying all that was human about him while keeping him alive, pumping its unknown poisons into his system. If it had a consciousness, then it was beyond the cowboy’s capacity to understand. All he knew was that it had chosen him as its host, and if he did not do what it wanted, then it would destroy him.

Looks like the liver’s where it’s worst, but it’s spread to his spine and most of his other major organs. ” “Jesus. ” Bradley shook his head. “Not long. The thing of it is, he swears he had no pain before a couple of days ago, and no symptoms until the blood appeared. ” “Link’s strong. ” “Nobody is that strong. ” Lopez’s sandwich arrived, but, like Bradley, he no longer had much of an appetite. ” “Manchester. ” The two men sat in silence, watching the life of the town pass by the window. People waved, and they waved back, but their smiles were automatic and without warmth.

Jerry figured that, like the Great Wall of China, parts of Colorado could be seen from outer space, the Rockies gently luminescing in the darkness. He suspected that folks in Ascension would be proud to think that their state acted as a kind of radioactive beacon for God or aliens or L. Ron Hubbard. It was worse farther south in places like Colorado Springs, down by the USAF academy, but Ascension still remained a bastion of blind patriotism. Jerry wondered too if people grew stranger as they got closer to Utah, like the Mormons were putting something into the water or the air.

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