By Thomas Cleary

''If you can actually be balanced and harmonious in oneself, then the being that's essentially so is apparent and conscious, wakeful in quietude, exact in motion; hence you can reply to the unending adjustments within the world.''

The e-book of stability and concord is a vintage thirteenth-century anthology of Taoist writings, together with essays, conversations, poetry, and songs from the varsity of entire truth. The writings mix the essences of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism into an alchemical elixir educating energy, power, and Spirit -- the ''three treasures'' of Taoism that promise psychological and actual future health.

This first translation into English of a massive textual content of Taoism is rendered and brought by way of Thomas Cleary, who has been known as the most suitable translator of Buddhist and Taoist texts. between his many released works are unique translations of monuments of Oriental spirituality, comparable to The Flower decoration Scripture, the main refined and entire of fundamental Buddhist sourcebooks; The Blue Cliff checklist, one of many significant literary classics of Zen Buddhism; and figuring out fact, the definitive vintage of Taoist non secular alchemy.

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When the third Light comes, blend inside and outside and seal the senses. You can swallow saliva until energy stays with you. Remember that the Light does not come to everyone. When the Coupling and Steaming are correct, we attract the Universal Energy and there is a mating. Our inner child is born instantly. If the Universal Energy comes and you are not ready, then you do not get it, and you will have to remain “pregnant” until you are truly ready to receive your spiritual child. 35 Fig. 14 Forming the Immortal Fetus 36 C.

A) Add to the Hot/Fire Energies at the Solar Plexus or Crystal Room the energies felt at the head, neck, shoulders, arms and chest. (b) Add to the Cold/Water Energies at the Perineum the energies felt at the feet, legs, thighs and lower parts of the body. 9 Move the Hot/Fire Energies and the Cold/Water Energies to the Middle Thrusting Channel from the Solar Plexus and the Throat Center respectively. 10. Trace the aorta back to the Heart as you inhale and exhale. Listen to the pulse as you find the times when the Heart empties itself before being filled again.

Exercise: The Big Dipper and North Star Connection In this meditation, we connect the bones of the skull to and draw energy from the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper and the North Star. The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper, their numbers, elements, planets and days are: - Alkaid (the first star at the tip of the handle), # 7, Water, Mercury, Wednesday - Mizar, # 6, Metal, Venus, Friday - Alioth, # 5, Fire, Mars, Tuesday - Megrez, (the first star of the cup) # 4, Water, Saturn, Wednesday - Pheeda, # 3, Earth, Saturn, Saturday - Merak, # 2, Water, Mercury, Wednesday - Dubhe (the last star of the cup), # 1, Wood, Jupiter, Thursday 37 Polaris-The Crystal Room (Pineal Pituitary, Thalamus) Leveling LightLeft Temple (Water) Mercury (Wednesday) 5.

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