By Allen Greenfield

FOR skeptics and believers alike, the key rituals of occultism, and later, of trance mediumship, have consistently been anything of a puzzle. the cause of these kind of profoundly extraordinary goings-on grew to become obvious basically after we "cracked" the main mystery cipher utilized in such rituals and spontaneous encounters. as soon as discovered, a weird and wonderful layout, formerly suspected by means of just a couple of various researchers operating in commonly differing fields, used to be absolutely uncovered. It printed an elaborate world wide development of verbal exchange among Ultraterrestrial Forces virtually absolutely past our comprehension and human adepts, stretching from distant antiquity to the current second. the whole literature of magical invocation and evocation, obvious during this mild, is printed to be a disguised transmission of those applied sciences. First electronic version.

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All of this tells us that Crowley certainly was privy to the legend of the “fish god” of Sirius, Oannes, the originator of writing, flying from the heavens in a bird-like vehicle making a stange humming sound. Some of the more interesting “barbarous words” offered by Crowley: A-THELEBER-SET = 192 = ADEPT OF SIRIUS; THIAF = 70 = SPACE; KOTHA = 45 = I AM; DIATHARNA [THORON] = 86 = BEWARE [ORTHON = 68]. “Thoron” is an anagram; it could be made out as “Jesus beware” as well, but, also, Secret Rituals of the Men In Black 37 the mantram for calling UFOs only recently received by a modern contactee, SOLIM SOLARA.

Araru! Markon! Garcia Sai! Rama Desk’ka! Aiwass! I am your Prophet in this time and space. Come in the Power of the Light of the Sacred Star, as now I behold it! Come in the Wisdom of the Stars; Come in the Benevolence of your Presence! The Light comes to me with healing in its wings. Unto you, Wise, Mighty, Incalculably long of Life, be praise and glory unto the end, who has permitted me, to partake of your Wisdom and Might, to penetrate thus far into the Sanctuary of your Mysteries. May this serve the Greater good, let the influence of your Celestial Companions descend unto my head, and teach me the value of Teaching the Wisdom as you have taught our ancestors, in such a way that I shrink not in the hour of testing, but that my name may be written among the stars, and that my wisdom may stand in the presence of the Great Adepts, in that hour when the Sun of humankind is manifest before the Gods of Sirius, and their names shall be known as in the most ancient times.

Thoron” is an anagram; it could be made out as “Jesus beware” as well, but, also, Secret Rituals of the Men In Black 37 the mantram for calling UFOs only recently received by a modern contactee, SOLIM SOLARA. The whole term DIATHARNA (86) THORON (68) is of exceptional interest in our quest. The reversal of numbers 86 & 68 is probably a Cipher “Flag” to initiates to pay special attention. We can nevertheless become quite impressed with its depth, especially as it shows up ONLY in connection with Crowley’s version with the words “corrected”.

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