By Herbert A. Giles

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There is yet another concept of body emerging in the current evolution of Western medicine, a concept informed by both scientific and philosophical discourse. This is the body of experienced meaning, a model of the body that permits accounts of how the processes of disease and healing are related to proprioceptively experienced meanings. The success of establishing correlations between the patient’s phenomenological or ex- Fields: Religious Therapeutics body and philosophies of healing page 21 21 perienced body, and the states of that person’s medical body, depends on more than medical knowledge.

56 Tantra’s metaphysical presupposition that matter possesses consciousness is crucial: classical Yoga assumes that matter is unconscious, and aims for realization of Self as not-matter, but T¯ antric yoga utilizes the body as an instrument of liberation, and reveres its material nature as both conscious and sacred. While T¯ antric metaphysics is non-dualistic (advaitin), and regards Brahman, known as Param Íiva, as the one Reality, it allows for the apparent difference of the one Absolute and the multifarious manifest world.

A view of the self as having both an individual and a universal aspect is expressed in the allegory of the two birds in a tree, one eating fruit, the other abstaining and looking on [MuÓnd Ó . Up. 1; Ívet. Up. 4]. The bird who eats is the individual embodied self, given to enjoyment and suffering, the other is the true Self, the universal and knowing Brahman. In the Taittir¯ ıya UpaniÓ sad, the very body of Brahman is the source of creation of human beings: From this Self (Brahman) space arose; from space, wind; from wind, fire; from fire, water; from water, the earth; from the earth, herbs; from herbs, food; from food, semen and ova, and from semen and ova, the person (puruÓ sa).

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