By Teun A. van Dijk

This new ebook extends Teun A. van Dijk’s past examine on discursive racism to the Latin international. He provides a primary stock of elite discourse and racism in Spain and Latin the US via interpreting discursive reactions in Spain to contemporary immigration, in addition to age-old racism and ethnicism in textual content and speak in Latin the USA (especially Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile). via cautious research of the media, political discourse, textbooks and different public discourses in those nations he exhibits that discursive euro-racism is ubiquitous additionally in nations open air Europe. Spain reproduces, yet as but in a much less radical manner, the type of racist discourse we discover in other places in Western Europe. In Latin the USA, ethnicism and racism opposed to the indigenous peoples and opposed to Afrolatins has prevailed in elite discourse because colonialism and slavery.

This is the 1st built-in learn of discursive racism within the Latin global and gives an invaluable framework for related study.

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Especially notorious is the endless red tape of the process of the recognition of foreign diplomas (homologación). Such bureaucratic harassment in higher education specifically jeopardizes many students from Latin America. These may have to wait years before their diplomas are being recognized – or not – often with arbitrary arguments or with absurd requirements of irrelevant additional exams that must be done in Spain. This is not just a matter of bureaucracy but also of racism when (of course implicitly or unofficially) racist or eurocentric prejudices and arguments are used by professors who think that Spanish programs and diplomas are more valuable than Latin American ones, even when awarded by prominent research institutions such as the Caro y Cuervo linguistics institute in Bogotá.

Both the elite and the popular discourses of negative other-presentation focus on the various alleged ‘threats’ posed by increasing immigration. Therefore, in the overall strategy of negative other-presentation and positive selfpresentation, one of the most powerful moves of anti-immigrant discourse is to claim or to show that anti-immigrant policies are good for ‘Us’ or ‘our people’. This populist move is hard to defeat at first sight when immigration is espe- Chapter 2. Elite discourse and racism in Spain cially presented as costing ‘us’ a lot of money, threatening ‘our’ jobs, housing, culture, and safety, among others.

Sometimes, racism in Spain may even take virulent popular forms, as was the case in early 2000 in the community of El Ejido (Almería),2 where the local population engaged in a pogrom against the foreign workers after a local woman was murdered by a mentally deranged immigrant. With the support of its blatantly racist mayor, Juan Enciso, the original population of this fastly growing agricultural center destroyed the few shelters and belongings of the immigrants, chasing and beating them up, while the police did virtually nothing to protect them.

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