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As for me, I finally had enough money to build my tabernacle, and I figured it was time to go scout out the proper location for it—and besides, I'd made it almost a month without running into one of the ladies whose sword I'd used, and the Good Book tells us not to press our luck when we're on a winning streak. 3. Treasure Hunting I figured that if I was finally going to settle down and build my tabernacle it made a lot of sense to do it where the weather was pleasant all year around and the people had been sinning for a good long time, so I headed south to Greece to scout out properties.

Well, I suppose I haven't got too much to complain about,” he said at last. ” “That's the spirit, Brother Gustave,” I said. “Look on the bright side. ” he asked. “Seems to me like you're in prime shape to become a professional rassler,” I said. “He could be a weightlifter or a basketball player,” suggested Ivor. “Right,” I said. “You been looking at this through jaundiced eyes, Brother Gustave. ” He shook his head. ” “I'm not going to play the freak just to satisfy his ego,” answered Gustave. ” “It's too late for that,” said Ivor sympathetically.

He asked. “Not really,” I said. ” Everyone kind of laughed at that, except for Von Sykoff, who turned a bright red. “Your Majesty is in a rare humor this evening,” he said through gritted teeth. ” I said. ” Well, I shared that little drollery with them, and then I told ’em about the traveling salesman and the architect's daughter, and then I topped it off with the tale of the airplane pilot and the Chinese virgin, and even though I forgot the punch line everyone laughed fit to kill, and it suddenly occurred to me that I liked being King, and that if old Philbert wanted to spend an extra couple of months recuperating it wouldn't bother me none at all.

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