By William G. Braude

A JPS vintage reissue of this nice paintings of Midrash

Long recognized simply to students and experts, Pesikta de-Rab Kahana is a masterpiece of midrashic literature. a suite of discourses for certain Sabbaths and pageant days compiled and arranged in the course of the 5th century, it used to be renowned and studied from the tip of that century till it disappeared someday within the 16th century. From manuscripts chanced on in 1868 and nonetheless others a hundred years later, it used to be reborn. In 1975 JPS introduced it to English readers via Braude and Kapstein’s translation.

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Why had they violated His trust? Because, the Rabbis tell us, they had yielded to their Inclination to evil, or rather because their Inclination to good had been overcome by their Inclination to evil. In this view, man’s conduct is the consequence of a never-ending inner struggle between the two opposing forces in human nature. 1; S4). Those in whom the Inclination to good is victorious are the righteous: they live in obedience to the will of God and His precepts as revealed in the Torah. God does not, however, delight so much in those who study Torah diligently and meditate upon its teachings as xlviii IN T R O D U C TI O N He does in those who act upon its precepts in their day-to-day living.

On account of her pure conduct, God saw to it that she gave birth to Isaac. He, the first child to be circumcised as prescribed by the Torah, symbolizes the first stage in the redemption of mankind. 1). 1), by Reuben who sinned with Bilhah. 9). 2). 5). 12). 10). 6). 6/9). Notable among those who had come to Egypt with Jacob was Serah, daughter of Asher. 6/9). 12). It was her counsel which brought to an end the civil war that followed Absalom’s rebellion. And from her place in the Garden of Eden it was she who told R.

A later editor or editors appended seven supplementary discourses to the text,5 and these are included in the two editions of the Pesikta. Just when an important portion of this kind of Midrash, the portion known as the petihah,6 had been made part of the synagogue ser2. ” Unlike passages in Scripture read on festal days or special Sabbaths, these passages were read not annually but once every three years. 3. ” Piskata would be the correct form of the plural of Piska. See Friedmann’s Introduction in his edition of Pesikta Rabbati, pp.

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