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Those beginning on pp. 764 and 788. ASF, Catasto, 380, San Giovanni, Drago, p. 551: Beccuti's portata of 31 January 1431 shows the same amount owing to Uccello. 6 5 Padoa Rizzo, 1991, p. 26. 6 6 ASF, Catasto, 826, San Giovanni Drago, microfilm reel 2063, p. 56v. 6 7 AODF, Delib. 1425-1436, p. , in Poggi, 1988, vol. I, p. 147, doc. 773. 6 8 ASF, Catasto, 475, San Giovanni, Drago, p. 483, dated 31 May 1433. Beccuti's 1433 Catasto includes the corresponding listing of 85 florins owing to Uccello.

13, in Beck, 1979, pp. 2-3, 5 n. 3. Moranti, 1990, pp. 206-214. For a discussion of the suggestion sometimes made that Uccello may have been in Urbino as early as 1465, see the Catalogue. 121 122 Padoa Rizzo, 1991, pp. 111-112. g. Venturi, 1930, pp. 64, 69), with decreasing regularity in recent times. The work is now usually attributed to the Master of the Caslello Nativity. The Famous Men mural paintings in the Camera Picta of the Palazzo Ducale, Urbino, and a cassonc with portraits of Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro (private collection, Urbino) have also been attributed to Uccello, during his stay in Urbino (Fontana, 1986, pp.

T h e opening of the portico facing the v i e w e r was drawn and incised as a round arch and the doorway leading inside was a l s o drawn a n d incised as an arch. The arch facing the viewer was then made into a pointed arch and the doorway was m a d e rectangular. These and numerous other changes to the s i m p l e building suggest that there was n o t a detailed auxiliary drawing for it; the composition w a s p r o b a b l y largely worked out on the panel. Neither does the design appear to have been m e a s u r e d .

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