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Whatever originally prompted Adorno to write a philosophical justification of psychoanalysis, he seems to have studied Freud on his own, independent of academic connections. 161 And it was the theory , not the practice of psychoanalysis with which he was acquainted. The Kant-Freud study depended almost exclusively on one source for Freudian theory , Freud's introductory lectures of 1 9 1 6-1 9 1 7. 1 62 Adorno was struck by psychoanalysis as a cognitive model : 163 "Therapy strives to be nothing else but knowledge"/64 its goal was "disenchantment" of the unconscious by exposing the inner logic of its manifestations - Freudian slips, dreams, neurotic symptoms - and making them accessible to conscious, rational understanding.

1 38 Berg introduced Adorno to his circle of friends, the dramatist Franz Werfel and his wife Alma Mahler (formerly married to Gustav Mahler); Erhard Busch­ beck, who had been close to Georg Trakl;139 the musicians Rudolph Kolisch and Eduard Steuermann. 140 Adorno went with Berg to the Berlin premiere of Wozzeck (December 1 925), 141 where he met Banns Eisler . 145 He hated German food, and had a Parisian passion for wine. Here too , Adorno was an appreciative student. 146 Adorno had serious aspirations to become a composer.

228 But, it seems, only now did he see its relevance to the intellectual conflicts with which his own move toward Marx confronted him. The effect on his work was immediate . A November, 1 929 , critique of Berg's Wozzeck demonstrated both the enthusiasm of his conversion,229 and the still rough, still undigested form in which he incorporated the new ideas. It was one of Adorno's first music articles with a clearly Marxist commit­ ment. 230 Indeed, published just after the stock market crash in New York, its political message was more direct than it would ever be again.

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