By Jacques Ellul

. 1975 228pp

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Likewise in C. Combaluzier (Dieu, demain, 1971) we find a reissue of the "law of the three states": "Science has demonstrated that there are no gods anywhere. . Science makes it possible to say that we are going through the puberty crisis of humanity . . " This essay contains all the commonplaces on the subject. In contrast, attention needs to be called to the only weighty book (even though it adopts the outlook of secularization), S. , 1 967). lbis book gives us an excellent picture of religion in practice, and a good study of c ontemporary paganism.

This statement exhibits perfectly the confusion between fact (dechristianized man) and the interpretive doctrine (man come of age). We shall try to straighten out the tangle. " � Secularization is "the affirmation of the self-con­ sistency and autonomy of the sphere of the profane in relation to the sphere of the religious . . Formally it does not characterize the objective order, but the attitude of man in confrontation with it. . Secularization is defined by its positive content. . It is a movement of conscious intent.

Thus emerged the concept of a secularized society, which was adopted in its entirety by the World Council of Churches, and which, after 1 950, became the foundation dogma for every affirmation, the underlying interpretation legitimizing all research. It goes without saying that society is secularized and that all the problems of contemporary Christianity stern from that fact. How is one to continue to be a Christian in a society of this kind? What possible place can the church have? How make the necessary adj ustment to this society?

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