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Sheep had evidently been sacrificed here; for everywhere he was able to expose their hoof marks in the damp clay. At one point he was even able to point out to me the marks of a particularly large animal, prob ably a ram, which had been held by a rope: for behind it, unmistakably, came the slithering footmarks of a man trying to hold it. This evidence 5 MESOPOTAMIAN METHODS could be photographed, and plaster casts 39 were made of the hoof-marks for identification. struc Delougaz was also able to make some ingenious reconstructions of tural details in the vanished buildings, especially the priest s house, which better preserved owing to its protected position between the was slightly walls.

Quot; 2 It was four years before Woolley felt that his proficiency in the technique of Mesopotamian excavation and the training of his men justified a new approach to the great cemetery. Furthermore, this fine example of professional restraint was shown by Woolley in the face of an everpresent need for publicity. For he worked at when the acquisition of funds for excavating depended very largely on the munificence of private individuals and the interest of wealthy newspapers. Under these circumstances it was essential for him to a period publicise his finds and his lively imagination invested faculty for publicity.

He number of replasterings could be counted, plastered each year, usually in the accordingly realised that, if the a corresponding number of years could probably be attributed to the oc cupation period concerned. This, as can be seen in the second picture, he was actually able to do, and approximately sixteen years could be estimated as the duration of occupation No. 2 in the seventh Sin Temple. Having seen that these sixteen years corresponded to a rise of seventy-five centi metres in the floor level, he was able to correlate this with the total accu mulation of debris in each of the temples: and since these, by the character of the objects found in them, could already be attributed to the successive phases of the Early Dynastic period, it became possible, allowing a fairly wide margin of error, to estimate the length of the Early Dynastic period for the first care with time on archaeological evidence.

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