By ʻAbd al-Qahir Ibn Tahir al-Baghdadi

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Two sects, ' This sect is sometimes Kalsfinlyah and Mukhtariyah. under the Imamiyah. Cf. Ibn-IJazm's division. ii, p. 577- 48 even classed THE SECTS OF THE RAWAFID and a fount of honey, from which he derives his sustenance, while at his right, a lion, and at his left a panther guard him from his enemies until the time of his appearance. 1 He the expected Mahdi. The rest of the Kaisamyah bedeath of Muhammad ibn-al-Hanaf lyah but dis- is lieve in the agree about the Imam who should succeed him. There were some of them who claimed that the Imamate after him reverted to the son of his brother, 'All ibn-al-Husain Zain al-'Abidin, while others hold that after him it should revert abu-Hashim 'Abdallah ibn-Muhammad ibn-al-Hanaf lyah, to so these split over the Imam to succeed abu-Hashim.

He then imprisoned him. " Al-Mukhtar then $ed from al-Kufah to Mecca, where he swore allegiance to 'Abdallah ibn-al-Zubair, 1 remaining with him until ibn-alZubair fought the army of Yazid ibn-Mu'awiyah, which was under the command of al-Husain ibn-Numair al-Sukuti. Al-Mukhtar distinguished himself in these wars against the people of Syria. Then Yazid ibn-Mu'awiyah died, and the told that : to Syria while the command of alHijaz, al-Yaman, al-'Irak and Persia remained with ibn-alAl-Mukhtar having suffered evil treatment from Zubair.

The second [upon which they agreed] was that Allah might have had a be- Muhammad Because of this heresy everyone who does not unaccept this doctrine about Allah, accuses them of being These Kaisaniyah split over the Imamate of orthodox. Muhammad ibn-al-Hanafiyah. Some of them claimed that ginning. he became Imam 'AH after his father ibn-abi-Talib, prov- by the fact that 'AH, at the battle of the Camels, 1 gave over the banner to him, and said: "[Carrying this, be praised. " Others held that the Imamate after 'All went to his son al-Hasan, then to al-Husain, after al-Hasan, and then passed over to Muhammad by he ibn-al-Hanafiyah after his brother al-Husain, the last will of his brother al-Husain, at the time fled from al-Madinah to Mecca, when sought for Yazid ibn-Mu'awiyah.

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