By Ruth Aronson Berman

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Katav] 'wrote' -»• [tifzoret] 'scatter (Noun)', cf. ul] 'operating', cf. al] 'operated' -*• [tivrug] 'cutting screws', cf. [boreg] 'screw' -*• [axvana] 'direction', cf. [kiven] 'aimed, directed' -*• [afcaca] 'bombing', cf. , [miftan] 'threshold', [mifrac] 'bay', [mifgan] 'parade', [mixman] 'treasure', [tixnun] 'planning', [tifkud] 'functioning', [avlaga] 'restraint', [afraza] 'exaggeration'. Besides, there are many others that do have related forms with stop-realization, where the lexical connection is so far-fetched that the normal naive speaker is hardly likely to view one as derived from the other.

And former / ? / should both be represented as / ? / synchronically and historical /h/ as /h/. ] and [h] function essentially as on-glides to stressed vowels. One way of enforcing the phonetic constraint on glottal glides is by deleting / ? +ti/ -»• [maca+ti] 'I found', (52) vs. / -* [maca] 'he found' /gavah+ti/ -*• [gava+ti] 'I grew taller', vs. / vs. / -• [kafu] 'frozen', vs. 3 Phonetic Constraints 43 Another way is by replacing a word-final /h/ or / ? / that originated from historical / ? / ->• [gavoa] 'tall', cf.

However, the almost total absence of surface counter-examples makes this rule, if it is one, quite transparent. ', but many adults seem to actually apply at least a [f] -*• [p] shift in word-initial position, to yield such loan-word pronunciations as: festival-* [pestival], filosofya -*• [pilosofya], fantom -*• [ p a n t o m ] . Such cases are not standard usage, but they are heard. Exceptions like the slang loan-word [fibrek] '(he) invented, fabricated' (which never becomes * [pibrek]) may be attributed to avoidance of a * [ # p b ] sequence.

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