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Both the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake at present are perennial lakes because the inflow streams are perennial and of relatively large discharge. The sources of the perennial stream waters, however, are quite different in the two cases. Great Salt Lake is a mid-latitude (40-42° N) orographic desert basin with a plentiful precipitation inflow source in the Wasatch Mountain catchment ( 1 5 0 em precipitation annually). The Dead Sea, on the other hand, is a subtropical high pressure 'horse latitude' (3 1 -33° N) desert basin with almost all the inflow water ultimately supplied by deep circulating groundwaters of uncertain origin and age (Bentor, 1 96 1 ; Jones et al.

Roughly, we would expect carbonate laminae to be fractions of a millimetre, gypsum laminae to be several millimetres, and halite to occur in thin beds of several centimetres. The most probable mechanism of deposition is simple 'settle-out' to produce uniformly thick layering. The clastic sediment is also likely to be deposited by 'settle-out' as fine mud laminae, but an occasional massive storm over the whole basin could introduce unchannelled sheet-floods (carrying coarse sediment from the surrounding mudflats) as a dense underflow from which a graded clastic layer could be deposited.

P. ( 1 966) Kelso Dunes, Mohave Desert, California. Bull. geo/. Soc. A m . 77, 1 045- 1 074. J. ( 1 970) Recent halite rock, B aj a California, Mexico. Trans. Inst. Min. metal/. (Section B), 79, 1 5 5- 1 62. V. F. ( 1 965) Sedimentary structures generated by flow in alluvial channeLs In: Primary Sedimentary Structures and their Hydrodynamic Significance (Ed. by G . V . Middleton). Spec. Pubis Soc. econ. Paleont. Miner. , Tulsa, 1 2 , 34-52. V. ( 1 967) Physical and chemical description of B irch Creek, a travertine depositing stream, Inyo County, California, Prof Pap.

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