By Arie Perliger

The September eleven, 2001 terrorist assaults at the usa introduced the problem of terrorism to the leading edge of yankee realization and controversy. to figure out the right way to hinder extra destruction, it is vital to appreciate the shadowy phenomenon that reasons it. who're the terrorists? What are their factors? What are the roots of this type of violence, and should it come to an finish? What precisely is terrorism? TOC; advent; Ch 1: Defining Terrorism; Ch 2: First Seeds of Islamic Terrorism: Egypt and Syria; Ch three: Palestiniam Terrorism: The nationwide Secular section; Ch four: Terrorism in Pursuit of nationwide Liberation; Ch five: Terrorism in Iran and Afghanistan: The Seeds of the worldwide Jihad; Ch 6: the beginning of the recent heart japanese Terrorism; Ch 7: Sponsors of Terrorism: Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah; Ch eight: Palestinian Terrorism: From Nationalism to spiritual Fundamentalism; Ch nine: The Ascendance of Jewish Messianic Violence; Ch 10: Al Qaeda and Terrorism in Iraq; Notes; Bibliography; additional studying. Index

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As a result, 17 people were killed and 60 were injured. 80 Egyptian terrorist cells today consider themselves as part of a broader network of Islamic organizations whose long arms reach all over the world. They collaborate with their equals in other Muslim countries and take part in attacks that are initiated by activists who are not Egyptian. 81 In the September 11 attacks, one of the commanders of the operation—Mohammed Atta— was Egyptian. He was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11, the plane that crashed into the northern tower of the World Trade Center.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the status of the Copts improved even more when a member of the church, Boutros Ghali, served as Egyptian prime minister, until he was assassinated in 1910. 5 million Copts make up 6 percent of the country’s population. 54 Middle Eastern Terrorism Nobel Prize–winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz is shown posing in the Gamaliya quarter of Cairo, where he grew up. Ever since his 1994 assassination attempt by Muslim extremists, Mahfouz has lived under constant bodyguard protection.

Among these were the repeated attempts of terrorist groups to damage the water and transportation infrastructures in Israel. On December 31, 1964, Palestinian terrorists tried to sabotage the main water carrier in Israel. Although the terrorist squads were captured by both the Israeli army and the Egyptians as they tried to cross the border from Egypt into Israel, their efforts gained widespread publicity in the Arab world and were a source of considerable concern among the Israeli public. Other prominent acts of sabotage on Israeli infrastructures by Palestinian terrorist organizations were the March 1967 explosion of the water tanks in Arad, a city in southern Israel, and the blast that immobilized the Tel Aviv–Jerusalem railway in October 1966.

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