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In twin studies you do not have to worry too much about the sampling problems at this stage of the game. For the study of normal variations, twins can furnish quite a bit of information. W e will not be able to work out precise mech- 32 STEVEN G. VANDENBERG anisms, but we can do a lot of screening and look for promising variables or areas in which variables might be found that can subsequently be studied by other techniques. I think that we need a lot more work on normal psychological variation before we are ready to do pedigree studies with existing measures of cognitive or personality variables.

If you trace them back, the great majority of p e o ple with the mutant gene came from a single ancestor or two. The fate of most mutations to this allele has been extinction and only a few remain. The rarer the condition, the more reasonable is the assumption that all mutants came from the same event. I d o not k n o w what length of time it w o u l d take for the spread of a neutral mutant, but it may not be too great. Since some conditions such as Tay Sach's disease are generally restricted to the Jewish population it makes sense to consider these as relatively recent events, since it is hard to believe that the mutation in prehistoric times would remain confined to these populations.

Eugenics, 1 9 5 1 , 15, 3 0 2 - 3 0 5 . Porteus, S. D . The psychology of a primitive people, a study of the Australian aborigine. N e w York: Longmans Green, 1 9 3 1 . Shapiro, H. L. 1 9 3 6 . The heritage of the Bounty. The story of Pitcairn IsL·nd through six generations. N e w York: Simon & Schuster, 1 9 3 6 . Simmons, R . , Tindale, Ν. , & Birdsell, J. B. A blood group genetical survey in Australian aborigines of Bentinck, Mornington & Forsyth Islands, Gulf of Carpentaria. Amer. J. Phys. ] 20, 3 0 3 - 3 2 0 .

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