By Amikam Elad

This article covers the holy websites of the Muslims in Jerusalem and the cermonies and pilgrimages to those locations through the early Muslim interval. it really is mostly in accordance with fundamental Arabic assets. Emphasis is given to the works of "Literature in compliment of Jerusalem", an incredible resource for the background and topography of the town. The textual content encompasses a certain description of the 1st identified consultant for the Muslim pilgrim to Jerusalem, that dates from the eleventh century, and a supplementary dialogue of the 16th-century advisor. either publications are nonetheless in manuscript and feature by no means been released.

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Vol. I, Beirut, 1978. p. 388. 'lOFor example: 1) 'AW b. Abi Muslim al-Khurisini (d. 135n52-753 ). i, p. 24, no. 30; p. 36, no. 47; he died in Jericho and was burled in Jerusalem: Ibn al-Murajji, fols. 72b-73a; al-RAzi, op. , vol. III/I , 1360/1941, pp. 334-335; Ta'rlkh Abi Zur'a, vol. I. p. 255; al-Fasawi, vol. II. pp. 376-377; Ibn 'Asakir (Amman), vol. XI, pp. , Mukhta~ar, vol. XVII, pp. 7680; Dhahabi. Siylir. vol. VI, pp. 140-143; Mlzilll al-I'tiddl, vol. II. • pp. 198-199; Gil, loc. ; Sezgln, I, p.

27; al-SuyOti, [t/Jol, vol. 1, p. 144; Abu Nu'aym, J:lilya, vol. V, p. 245: instead o( AM Bay' al-Maqdis (the 'Arab) inhabitants of Jerusalem): Qurrti' Mosjid Bayt al-Maqdis (the readers of Qur'dn of the Mosque of Jerusalem); SimI al-Nujum, vol. Ill, p. 175; Qurrd' Bayt al-Maqdis. 6C AI-WisiU, p. 48, no. 71; Ibn al-Murajja, foL 84b; also on Ibri him b. Abi 'Abla, see al-Rizi, al-larl), vol. 1/1,1371/1952, p. , Mu 'jam alShdmiyyin, vol. I, pp. 25-72; Ibn i:lajar, op. , vol. I, p. 142; al-Dhahabi, 01'/bar fi man Chabar, I, al-Kuwayt, 1960, p.

CONSTRUCTION WORKS ON THE J:lARAM 27 4. Sulayman b. 'Abd ai-Malik (Reigned 961715-991717) Sulayman b. 'Abd ai-Malik also served as Governor of Jund FHastin during the reigns of his father and brother. al-Walid. 24 According to one tradition. we learn that when Sulayman was appointed Caliph he wished to establish his place of residence in Jeru salem and to live there. It was indeed to Jerusalem that delegations of the tribes and honourables arrived to swear loyalty to the caliph. 26 But in light of what we know of Sulayman's attitude towards Jeru salem (see below) and especially of the establishment of Ramla, it seems more likely to accept another tradition (from al-Waqidi) from which it may be understood that SUlayman resided in Jerusalem just for the purpose of sending troops to conquer ConstantinopoleY Jerusalem was at this time the central and most important city in the Palestine district.

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