By Dr. Richard Cheng M.D. Ph.D

Qi-Gong Meditation is a suite of historic jap education ideas that support to advertise actual and mental overall healthiness. It is helping to minimize pressure, power discomfort and deal with many different ailments.

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14. THE MECHANISMS OF TENS AND ACUPUNCTURE ABSTRACT Acupuncture, electroacupuncture (EA) and TENS are widely used by many medical workers especially in clinics of physiotherapy, pain and sport medicine. Many researches have tried to look for the plausible and interesting mechanisms particularly in its efficacy in the treatment of many pain problems. Different levels of analgesia and clinical benefit can be achieved by changing treatment parameters such as current frequencies, intensities and electrode placements etc.

Nocturnal emission: B – 13, H – 7, Liv – 3, K – 1, CV – 36. Obesity: St – 36, SI – 19. Ear point – stomach, lung. Osteoporosis: Sp – 6, BI – 57. Otitis media: GB – 41, St – 36, LI – 4, GB – 20. Parotitis: GB – 20, LI – 4, LU – 7. Pelvic infammatory diseases: CV – 4, Sp – 6, St – 36, Liv – 5, Sp – 10. Pericarditis: P – 6, B – 16, CV – 14. Peripheral vascular disease: K – 2, Sp – 6, B – 55, GB – 34. Peritonitis: Liv – 14, Sp – 1, LI – 13, K – 17, Liv – 14, St – 36, Sp – 9. Pharyngitis: LI – 4, St – 44, LU – 7.

In Ching Dynasty, more books were written systematically describing the technique of Qi-Gong practice. 7. Recent Development of Qi-Gong In China (1911 to 1999) In 1954, Qi-Gong was first used to treat patients in hospitals. In 1956, the first Qi- Gong nursing home was built in Huipei Province. Later, many similar Qi gong treatment centers were established in different provinces in China. The first national Qi-Gong meeting was carried out on October 6 to 31, 1959. In 1981, the Chinese Medical Qi-gong Research Association was officially formed in Bejing.

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