By Jerome K. Percus

The large learn attempt referred to as the Human Genome undertaking is an try to checklist the series of the 3 trillion nucleotides that make up the human genome and to spot person genes inside this series. the outline and class of sequences is seriously depending on mathematical and statistical types. This brief textbook offers a quick description of a number of ways that arithmetic and statistics are getting used in genome research and sequencing.

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Usually, the first two or three letters of the English alphabet were used, and only in a few specific cases were intelligible symbols used. In the last case, however, letters were used without reference to alphabets already used by other workers to denote the same characteristics. The general result was utter confusion. Lack of contact of workers in India with those in other countries and language difficulties also contributed to this confusion. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research, established in the middle thirties, encouraged rice research at several centers by providing financial help.

The American species latifolia also probably had a similar evolutionary origin, and further work may show its close relationship to alta. A different kind of problem arises in delimiting the African Oryza species eichingeri Peter and punctata Kotschy ex. Steud. TATEOKA (loc. ) has shown that morphological distinctions, although not conspicuous, can be recognized. He infers that punctata includes diploid as well as tetraploid forms and that the Sinhalese species generally listed as latifolia may be classiffed as eichingeri.

TABLE 1 Oryza SPECIES RECOGNIZED BY SEVEN WORKERS Recognized Species 1. alta Swallen 2. angustifolia Hubbard 3. australiensis Domin 4. barthii Chev. 5. brachyantha Chev. et Roehr. 6. breviligulata Chev. 7. coarctata Roxb. 8. eichingeri Peter 9. glaberrima Steud. 10. grandiglumis Prod. 11. granulata Nees et Arn. 12. latifolia Desv. 13. longiglumis Jansen 14. malampuzhaensis Krish. et Chand. 15. meyeriana Baill. 16. minuta Presl 17. officinalis Wall. 18. perennis Moench 19. perrieri Camus 20. punctata Kotschy 21.

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