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In v ie w o f the later law -m ak in g activities o f Human B o d y , it is perhaps o f greater sign ifican ce that the 'twelve petty kings' ( r g y a l p h r a n b c u -g n y is) w h o se law s were ’without virtue' are m entioned in the M a - n i Bka'-'bum in con text o f the (legendary) legislation s o f the historical 7th century Emperor Srong-brtsan-sgam -po ( s e e U R A Y , 'Narrative o f L e g is la tio n ’, pp. 51-52). 129 Perhaps the instrumental ca se o f T m akes better sen se here.

Now I do not even have it. Their 'Basis' is error. Their 'Path' goes the wrong way. Their 'Result' will be carried away with the morning frost. 6) is no more than a listing of one hundred and ten ancient religious teachers of Tibet and Zhang-zhung. It does not, therefore seem especially important to discuss here. 6), because it is there that we may discover who the author of the M editation Commentary must have been. I paraphrase as follows: After I, the monk Gzhon-nu,108 had asked the Tulku Guru Rinpoche, I copied it on the surface of a white cloth.

Khro-mchog ’Brug-gsas 8. Dbal-bon Stag-la-me-’bar. Chem-pa. 9. 98 The divine assemblage of the Great Vehicle Meditation Tantras. 6. Gshen Great Completion. 99 An upper Precious Turquoise Grove was emanated into this world. Then, in the three sets of twenty-four extra-terrestrial gathering places of the skygoers, the three Mother Tantras were preached. In the None Higher skygoer gathering places, the sky-pure face of Total Good preached the Basis Totally Buddhaized Tantra. In the Joyous (Dga'-ldan) skygoer gathering places, the blazing red face of Total Good preached the Path Directly Buddhaized Tantra.

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