By Alexandra David-Neel

Seeker, adventurer, pilgrim, and pupil, David-Neel (1868–1969) used to be the 1st eu girl to discover the once-forbidden urban of Lhasa. This memoir deals an goal account of the supernatural occasions she witnessed through the Nineteen Twenties one of the mystics and hermits of Tibet — together with levitation, telepathy, and the facility to stroll on water. contains 32 photographs.

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Ches that the energy produced by the mental and physical activities of a being brings about the apparition of new mental and physical phenomena, when once this being has been dissolved by death. There exist a number of subtle theories upon this subject and the Tibetan mystics seem to have attained a deeper insight into the question than most other Buddhists. However, in Tibet, as elsewhere, the views of the philosophers are oonly understood by the elite. The masses, although they repeat the orthodox creed : " all aggregates are impermanent ; no ' ego ' exists in the person, nor in anything," remain attached to the more simple MAGIC AND MYSTERY IN TIBET belief in an undefined entity travelling from world to world, assuming various forms.

So, with the active though unwilling co-operation of the victim, whose pain caused him to stamp, writhe and yell, the punishment looked like a devilish ballet. Arriving unexpectedly at the school one day, I witnessed one of these scenes, and the children, who became familiar with me, frankly described their teacher's educational methods. After a few days of this active professorship, Dawasandup would again abandon his pupils. I could tell many other stories about my good interpreter, some quite amusing, in the style of Boccaccio.

In Tibet, one meets people who have been in a state of lethargy, and are able to describe the various places in which, they say, they have travelled. Some have only visited countries inhabited by men, while others can tell of their peregrinations in the paradises, the TIBET AND THE LAMAS purgatories or in the bardo, an intermediary region where " spirits " wander after death, while waiting to be reincarnated. " Though the delogs vary in their descriptions of places and events, they usually agree in depicting the feelings of the pseudo-dead as definitely pleasant.

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