By Nigel Pickford

Misplaced Treasure Ships of the 20th Century КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Pavilion Books LtdАвтор(ы): Nigel PickfordЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 1999Количество страниц: 96x2ISBN: 1-86205-079-1Формат: pdf (150 dpi) 2550x1589Размер: 26,6 mbA appealing e-book that explores a few virtually interesting tales. it's extra "grown up" than Pickford's different publication "The Atlas of Shipwreck and Treasure". The Atlas, even supposing relaxing, continuously left me eager to understand much more. during this booklet each one tale is obviously meticulously researched and provided in way more element. This creates a much more pleasing learn. Many historians can write apparently approximately their topic, despite the fact that, Pickford not just achieves this, yet has an enthralling sort which so much fiction writers can be jealous of! This e-book is one who you might want to consistently re-read, it has definitely develop into certainly one of my favourites. RAPIDили IFOLDER zero

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47 S E A´ N M C G R A I L A N D L U C Y B L U E the main landing place, that at first sight the task of identifying a typical boat seemed daunting.

For boats up to c. 12 metres in length, a scale of 1:10 results in a drawing of manageable size, but still with features well defined. a) For the plan: horizontal offsets can be taken either from a centreline datum (preferred) or from parallel datum lines along both sides of the boat. b) For the longitudinal section: vertical offsets are taken from the centreline datum. c) The stations for the transverse sections are marked along the centreline, and vertical offsets are taken from transverse datum lines at these stations.

B) Pansway/panswae (Fig. 8; Solvyns, 1799: vol. 8: no. 6). A river boat of the Huegli carrying cargo or passengers. She was propelled by oar or by sail and steered by a rudder on the starboard quarter. The bow is somewhat lower than the stern and there may be block ends (goloi – see below). Hulc planking is depicted, but it is impossible to say whether this is reverse clinker. Above these strakes is a single strake which runs near horizontally from end to end. (C) Pataily/pataeley (Fig. 9; Deloche, 1994: 161, fig.

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