By G. I. Atabekov and P. K. M'Pherson (Auth.)

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The dimension of quantity ω is sec - 1 and it is calculated in radians per second (rad/sec). The initial phase ψ depends on the origin selected, which is arbitrary. e. is measured by an abscissa corresponding to the transition point of the negative half-wave into a positive. A cosine curve may be regarded as a sinusoid with an initial phase ψ = π/2. Thus, if the function is given in cosinusoidal form u = Um cos (œt + ψχ), it can be reduced in the form of (1) by substituting expres­ sion ψ1 = ψ — π/2.

It should be noted that only in the case of resistance r is Ohm's law applicable to the instantaneous values of voltage and current. In the remaining cases the ratio of the instantaneous values of u and i do not represent reactance but reflect a certain time function of no practical interest and no use. 3. Series Connexion of r, L and C When a current ί flows through a circuit consisting of passive r, L and C elements connected in series (Fig. 15) or, in differential form . r u = ri + L di dt If..

Sinor diagram for the case of parallel connexion of r, L and C. 73) Y = y cos φ — jy sin φ and Y = ye-J* = y /_ -φ. 74) The magnitude of the admittance y and angle φ are determined in accordance with (29) and (30). 75) which symbolically represents a sinusoidal current i = Im {lmeJ

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