By Philip Sheldon Foner, Robert J. Branham

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Lake Mcilwaine: The Eutrophication and Recovery of a Tropical African Man-Made Lake

'And God stated, enable there be a firmament in the middle of the waters, and permit it divide the waters from the waters. ' Genesis 1:6 Lake McIlwaine is a synthetic lake. It used to be shaped in 1952 through the Hunyani­ poort Dam and is located at the Hunyani River a few 37 km southwest of Salisbury* within the Republic of Zimbabwe**.

Bulletproof: Afterlives of Anticolonial Prophecy in South Africa and Beyond

In 1856 and 1857, based on a prophet’s command, the Xhosa humans of southern Africa killed their farm animals and ceased planting vegetation; the ensuing famine price tens of hundreds of thousands of lives. very similar to different millenarian, anticolonial movements—such because the Ghost Dance in North the United States and the Birsa Munda rebellion in India—these activities have been intended to remodel the realm and unlock the Xhosa from oppression.

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By Maria W Stewart, September 21, 1833 135 23. Eulogy on William Wilberforce by William Whipper, December 6, 1833 143 24. The Slavery of Intemperance by William Whipper, January 8, 1834 145 25. Why a Convention Is Necessary by William Hamilton, June 1834 154 26. , April 14, 1836 158 27. The Slave Has a Friend in Heaven, Though He May Have None Here by Theodore S. Wright, May 24, 1836 163 28. On the Improvement of the Mind by Elizabeth Jennings, August 1837 166 29. Prejudice Against the Colored Man by Theodore S.

N. Grisham, December 28, 1897 857 141. Remarks to President McKinley by Ida B. Wells-Barnett, March 21, 1898 861 142. We Must Have a Cleaner ''Social Morality" by Margaret Murray Washington, September 12, 1898 863 143. The Cancer of Race Prejudice by Booker T. Washington, October 18, 1898 868 144. The Negro Will Never Acquiesce as Long as He Lives by Reverend Francis J. Grimké, November 20, 1898 872 145. The Wilmington Massacre by Reverend Charles S. Morris, January 1899 875 146. The Fallacy of Industrial Education as the Solution of the Race Problem by Reverend Charles S.

I Will Sink or Swim with My Race by John S. Rock, March 5, 1858 313 56. Break Every Yoke and Let the Oppressed Go Free by Mary Ann Shadd, April 6, 1858 318 57. Should Colored Men Be Subject to the Penalties of the Fugitive Slave Law? by Charles H. Langston, 1858 322 58. Why Slavery Is Still Rampant by Sarah Parker Remond, September 1859 328 59. The American Government and the Negro by Robert Purvis, May 8, 1860 331 60. I Do Not Believe in the Antislavery of Abraham Lincoln by H. Ford Douglas, July 4, 1860 340 61.

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