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X 8 4 TOJTWV 9)av~pbv ~ T Lx h c / o u ~pkv ai a w p a r c x a ~p6oetg TBV$UXBV,x h c l o u ~8& a 6 m t T&V V ~ W , 01 8k v6cq 7rhc:hElo~~ rijv Oatwv hdr8wv. x a l E x l xdrvrwv 6 UC&S h 6 y o ~One important thing should be emphasized in connection with power and plurality, and that is that an increase in the quantity of power is always an increase in the unity of power. In other wofds, quantity should not be associated with plurality (as one might expect on first reflection), but in fact with the reverse.

3 2 . rorov,6rB y6vryov GGvaycv Eaurb xoMa~Xccatb~ov xal &q' &auroG Sdmpa5 Sxoarboccq xape~6pmov. I Here, Beierwaltes runs together the two concepts of incomplete and complete power. Although related, these are two different concepts, as shown on PP. 41-43. An interesting treatment of the relationship between power and otherness can be found in J. Trouillard: 'Sur un pluriel de Plotin et de Proclus', Bulletin de Z'Association G . Budtf, Paris 1958, pp. 88-91. When Proclus speaks of the circular motion of the effect or of the circular motion of power, he naturally means non-spatial circularity.

Here, four levels of ivavrla arc distinguished, material, heavenly, psychic, and noetic, each set having different characteristics. The doctrine is summwized as folIows (ibid. 740. zb y&p ~ T E O X G ~ ~ C dcr~t J ~ V r b &plpoTi~wv&pa 8 ~ ~ m i 6 v T&. 8k t h $u~atgX U a~ J d ~VCGTLV MA@oa<, a&rai ydcp at obolar cruvCx~ovra~ drhX;1hal~-T& 6L k zQ vQ xal pr&xet &M$~oY. dx6 4 5 ~ E T O Xo h ~ ~xal r j j ~ auvacpijc xal rijq k zQ at@ xapoudaq ri]v dM4Awv pufiv & T ~ ~ € 6 q a$f vTGV &V(LVT~WV ~ ~ 6 0 8 The 0~.

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