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We decided that the man might get stabbed anyway . . We kept perfectly quiet . . , p. 18 ; emphasis added] . By whatever means Kinsey's child sex research was accomplished, it was the work of sex offenders capable of criminal acts-possibly offenders with an interest in science since such meticulous care in recording results was evident . On the other hand, scientists are capable of criminal thoughts and acts, and the Kinsey team, according to one of their number, may have fallen into this category .

Frank K . Shuttleworth of the Institute of Child Welfare, University of California at Berkeley. He [Kinsey] believed that students in the field had all been "too prudish"to make an actual investigation of sperm count in early-adolescent males . [Kinsey's] own research for the Male volume had produced some material, but not enough. [Kinsey] could report, however, that there were mature sperm even in the first ejaculation, although he did not yet have any actual counts [Pomeroy, 1972, p . 315; emphasis added] .

139-142] . Ashley Montagu, chairman of the department of anthropology at Rutgers University and author of The Natural Superiority of Women, noted in his 1954 review of the Female Report that devout Catholics and orthodox Jews were inadequately represented, leaving the sample, in terms of religious background, "heavily weighted with women who are likely to be sexually unconventional . " ("A Most Important Book, But . . " In Geddes, 1954, p . 125) . " Social Problems, April 1954, pp. 143-146) . Locke's skepticism about these 100% groups (a claimed substitute for randomization) may have been well founded .

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