By Martin Schulman

After introductory chapters on reincarnation and karma and the astrology of reincarnation, "The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation" provides an entire delineation of the nodes via signal and apartment place; a bankruptcy on features to the nodes; pattern delineations; and an appendix giving nodal positions from 1850 to 2000 A.D.

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In his current-life childhood, he experiences fear of death, almost as if death itself would be the logical punishment for all his misdeeds in past incarnations. He keeps feeling that he has to fight for the things he needs for he has no sense of having yet earned them. When he falls short of reaching the brighter side of life, he secretly blames others for his misfortunes. In a few rare cases this individual must overcome past life criminal tendencies or residue of witchcraft. Only through a proper assessment of his second house North Node can he lead to a new rebirth.

Relationships are extremely important to him. From prior incarnations he has developed the habit of seeing the world as a social caste system and within this framework keeps believing that some struggling people for status, always are more privileged than others. Through his eighth house North Node he must symbolically through the kill this past-life permanent value system metamorphosis and which go will eventually attune him to the value of others. He has much to learn from those close to him as soon as he starts to listen .

Possible to see his way back. And so he con in es further is usually Whether open because It IS the only road his eyes can see . In some cases he goes to such extremes that he � may run into trouble with the law, but lo g after he sees his error he still keeps trying to conVlDce others that he is right. More than one with any other Nodal position this individual must learn self-control for without discipline he can too easily allow his past incarnation habits of self-indulgence to make a shambles of his current life .

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