By Bruno Skvorc

Many access point personal home page builders need a fast route to glory, a shortcut to "knowing PHP." Too many books and tutorials move instantly right into a pre-made, lousy surroundings that simply desires you to code, with out regard for safeguard, model regulate, or different totally crucial practices. This ebook is geared toward absolutely the newbie who desires to commence studying Hypertext Preprocessor, yet goals to set you up with an intensive knowing of what makes for a superb, smooth, adaptable Hypertext Preprocessor surroundings sooner than you begin diving into Hypertext Preprocessor itself.

This booklet will disguise a the fundamental development blocks of an exceptional personal home page surroundings, together with protecting themes such as:
* The anatomy of an internet request
* the significance of an exceptional IDE
* utilizing Composer for package deal management
* model keep an eye on with Git and GitHub
* Deployment and web hosting options
* utilizing digital machines
* construct a pattern app from scratch and set up it — the appropriate way

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6? 1? 0 because it’s probably still deployed on such a production server. Heck, how do we handle the Apache versus Nginx problem? Do we install both web servers on our computer and test for each? How do we switch them out? How do we ensure that we remember to test our site on one while the other is running? And that’s just for two apps. Now imagine if you had to deal with a dozen applications from ten different clients, each with different requirements. It all stops being fun very, very fast. This separation of different software versions is easy to solve by means of virtual machines, which we’ll talk about in Chapter 4.

Double-click to open it. The Application Environment Once the file is opened, note the first few lines: they’ll all start with the hash symbol (#). This indicates that they’re comments, and have no effect on the file. These serve to explain a file’s purpose to the user, and they exist in PHP as well. com in your browser. You’ve just successfully redirected all requests to Microsoft’s search engine Bing to Google! Of course, we don’t want to keep these changes; feel free to delete this line or put a hash symbol in front of it to turn it into a comment, and save the file.

In this chapter, it all becomes slightly more technical. The programming environment includes―but is not limited to―the people you interact with, your operating system, your code editor or IDE (more on this later), your coding standards, and generally everything that helps or hinders your work during development. In other words, the programming environment is the programmer’s environment. Skip this chapter if you: ■ have a good IDE picked out and don’t intend to switch ■ know where to find help for any programming problems ■ are following coding standards already, whether you’re in a team or flying solo 14 Jump Start PHP Environment ■ are familiar with the command line Read this chapter if you: ■ are using a simple text editor to code or don’t know any IDEs ■ think coding standards are unnecessary ■ have no idea where to obtain genuinely useful advice for problems you might encounter ■ are unfamiliar with the command line and/or think it's unnecessary because alternatives exist A Good IDE Is Worth Its File Size in Gold The old adage of “being worth its own weight in gold” stands true for IDEs, or integrated development environments.

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