By Mantak Chia

The Iron blouse perform is split into 3 elements: Iron blouse I, II, and III. Iron blouse Chi Kung is the martial point of the common Tao method. It develops inner energy and constitution and a well-conditioned physique via easy innovations that construct and shop Chi. The physique turns into open and comfortable. The joints are bolstered, the muscle mass, tendons and ligaments turn into smooth and powerful, and the bones and bone marrow turn into robust and fit. Iron blouse Chi Kung is helping us to develop into rooted to the earth, thereby preserving our physique situated and balanced. in the end, Iron blouse bargains a fashion of perfecting our internal selves, permitting us to arrive greater non secular degrees. The grounding perform offers a company rooting for the ascension of the spirit. within the days ahead of gunpowder, Iron blouse Chi Kung was once one of many precept martial arts, which outfitted strong our bodies in a position to face up to hand handy strive against. Even then, despite the fact that; martial use used to be just one element of Iron blouse and at the present time, its different points stay vitally major for an individual looking higher future health, a sane brain and religious development. "Iron blouse" refers back to the indisputable fact that its particular procedure of respiring workouts which completely pack targeted air into the fascia (connective tissues), surrounding the important organs, lead them to on the subject of impervious to accidents from injuries or blows. We additionally the way to root ourselves within the Earth's ower and therefore easy methods to direct the Earth's gravitational and therapeutic energy via our bone constitution. Iron Shirt's strengthening of the organs is of precise curiosity to athletes and performers, for it teaches them how one can elevate the functionality of the organs in the course of activities, speech, making a song, dancing and enjoying song. For the Taoist masters, all this in flip lays the foundation for larger religious paintings. each step of how is made transparent within the quite a few line illustrations through Juan Li.

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Bring you attention back to the Tan Tien. Empty your mind in the Tan Tien. Feel Chi pressure in the Tan Tien. Keep the lower gates closed and feel a little suction in the lower abdomen. Fix your mindeye and other senses in the Tan Tien. Feel the waves of this ocean of Chi moving you gently back and forth. Feel very calm and peaceful inside in this way for a while, breathing with a long, soft breath. For a while, just sit still like this and do nothing. It can happen that at one moment the physical breath stops and the Tan Tien (Chi) will function as a lung.

Golden Turtle Immersing in Water-Yang Position 1. Assume the Horse stance. 2. Practice Energizer Breathing. 3. Exhale, flatten the stomach, exhale more and press down the diaphragm, exhale more and pull up the anus and the sexual organs. 4. Inhale, tighten the fists, fold the forearms against the upper arms, round the back and sink the chest. Bend forward from the kua with the back straight to maintain the energetic structure through the spine and the neck. Open the sacrum by pushing the hips, knees, and ankles in one line outwards so the weight of the body can sink down from the hips to the knees, the feet and the ground.

Continue to pull up the middle part, and the left and right part of the anus and suck the Chi into the lungs and spleen. Pack and wrap them with energy. 5. Inhale once more, raising the hands higher. Continue to pull up the middle part, and left and right part of the anus and suck the Chi into the lungs and the heart. Pack and wrap them with Chi. Feel the rib cage bulge. 6. When you have brought your hands as close as possible to the armpits, continue to maintain the contraction in the perineum and anus, and rotate the hands medially until the palms face outwards.

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