By Livia Kohn

Daoism is without doubt one of the significant spiritual traditions of the East, yet long ago has no longer been to boot often called Buddhism and Hinduism. With the elevated curiosity in japanese religions, and substitute non secular traditions, curiosity in Daoism is expanding. Introducing Daoism is a full of life and available advent to this attention-grabbing faith.

Introducing Daoism provides Daoism’s key suggestions and significant practices in an built-in old survey. From Daoism’s origins in antiquity, in the course of the Tang, Ming, and Quing dynasties, and into the current day, Livia Kohn explores Daoism’s events and faculties, together with: Daoist philosophy, the equipped faith, and Daoist well-being practices. each one bankruptcy introduces the most old occasions of the interval, the prime figures in Daoism, and Daoist scriptures and practices, in addition to overlaying a wealth of attention-grabbing themes corresponding to chinese language cosmology, Daoist realizing of the physique, rituals and doctrine, meditation, mythology, and poetry. Livia Kohn examines the connections among the defining options, historical past, and practices of Daoism, and key concerns in Asian and Western comparative religions, making this the fundamental textual content for college kids learning Daoism on global Religions courses.

Illustrated all through, the ebook additionally contains textual content packing containers, precis charts, a thesaurus inclusive of chinese language characters, and an inventory of additional analyzing to assist scholars’ realizing and revision. The accompanying site for this e-book are available at

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In particular, it joined with shamanic songs of south China which, as documented in the Chuci (Songs of Chu), detail the ecstatic travels of the shaman through various heavens to complete dissolution in the center of the universe. ) created his Daren fu (Rhapsody of the Great Man) to eulogize Emperor Wu in his aspirations to immortality. His protagonist, like the seeker in the Zhuangzi, yearns for the transcendent reality of the spirit and deplores the ordinary world of dust. Like the ancient shaman, he masters the world and ecstatically soars into the Great Void.

For him, everything exists the way it is just because it is, in perfect spontaneity or naturalness (ziran). There is no principle or agency at the origin of life. There is only the underlying current, the continuous and all-encompassing flow of Dao. As Guo Xiang explains in his commentary: What existed before there were beings? If I say yin and yang were first, then that means yin and yang are beings, too. What, then, was before them? I may say nature was first. But nature is only the natural way of beings.

Ch. 80) This ideal state of a harmonious society, where people lead a life of simplicity, later continues in the ideal of Great Peace, a key concept in the Daoist religion. It proposes universal perfection through alignment with the rhythm of yin and yang, an open network of government and administration, and the practice of seclusion, meditation, and quietude. Interpreting the Daode Jing The Daode jing can be read as a religious, political, military, or naturalistic treatise, dealing with psychology, the natural world, or society.

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