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By doing this meditation, we make our soul mix with the Almighty Lord just like a drop mixes with the ocean and becomes the ocean. Since that Lord, the Oversoul, is free from all fear, if we mix ourselves in Him we will also become free of all fear. Why do worldly people and the devotees of the Lord not get along with each other? Because Kal, the Negative Power, sits within the worldly people and he makes them frighten the devotees. They do their best to prevent the devotees from doing the devotion of Naam and taking their souls out from the trap of Kal.

Nanak says, The body (which was wearing these ornaments) is reduced to dust. Knowledge cannot be obtained by talking-it is as hard as iron. You cannot obtain Knowledge by talking, or from any scripture or holy book. It is very difficult t o obtain Knowledge: it is as hard as iron. Guru Nanak does not call reading of scriptures obtaining Knowledge. " The real Knowledge cannot be spoken or written; it will never come through reading scriptures. One gets Knowledge only by His Grace; All cleverness and willingness are useless.

38 I N THE PALACE OF LOVE If He bestows His merciful gaze on us, Then by His Grace we get the Satguru. If God showers mercy and grace on us, He makes us meet the Master. And if Master showers grace on us, He unites us with the Shabd. It is a pity that even we, the satsangis, do not understand the grace of the Master. Usually we think that if we get some promotion in our job, or if our sick child gets better, or if we get something of a worldly nature, that that is the grace of the Master. And if we lose a little bit in our home, then all our faith and devotion is broken and we lose all our faith in Master.

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