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No historical references can be found. When Bodhidharma was about to enter Nirvana he said, “I came to China and transmitted my Dharma to three people. ” After the transmission, the Patriarch himself no longer had a body. Great Master Hui K’o received the marrow and Ch’an Master Tao Yü received the bones. Bhikshuni Tsung Ch’ih could recite The Lotus Sutra from memory. After she died, a green lotus flower grew from her mouth. She received Bodhidharma’s flesh. In the end, the Patriarch had no body at all.

After this unsuccessful attempt, Bodhiruci tried again, using an even more potent poison. Again, Bodhidharma ate the food. Then he sat atop a huge boulder and spat out the poison. The 11. “Great Vehicle Root Nature” refers to the strong karmic affinity of those who in past lives have cultivated the Great Vehicle and who, by their meritorious actions, have sent down “deep roots,” that is, have established a firm foundation in the Buddhadharma, which enables them to successfully understand and practice it in the present.

The Lion Roar is analogous to his speaking the Dharma. 6. The Sutra of the Questions of Manjushri is a title established by reference to a person, the Bodhisattva Manjushri of great wisdom, and the dharma he requested, Prajna. C. Complete in One: The seventh classification contains references to person, dharma, and analogy. 7. The Great Universal Buddha Flower Adornment Sutra (Avatamsaka Sutra) refers to the Buddha as a person, Great and Universal as a dharma, and Flower Adornment as an analogy.

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