By George Elliott Clarke

''It used to be a problem for me to discover a writer for ''Illuminated Verses''. Over 11 years, many have been approached, yet simply Canadian students' Press has dared to set Scipio's breathtaking vistas prior to a public. Why? possibly the belief of the unclothed black female turns out an excessive amount of a palimpsest of pornography, or simply too darkish an idea for a society hooked on depictions of opt for whiteness''. (George Elliott Clarke).

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52 illuminated verses IV—Anastacia Butterflies—an ochre choir— plus scared, amber lizards, clambering banana trees, shiver in light— ivory, lime, ivy, lemon, amid a parliament of perfumes…. Here you see a zebra in a bazaar munch marzipan made in Zanzibar. ) * Anastacia’s mirror shivers, melts, to tender her reflection. The tilting lilt of bangles— angling ankles or listing on wrists— is lyrical as a gal undresses, goes naked as amaryllis, or sashays in a sari, her luscious shush of silk echoing some pacific beehive….

34 illuminated verses V—Blues & Jazz Blues: My style’s hot and ruttin. Jazz: I be cool and cuttin. Blues: Like an April blizzard or an autumn breeze. Jazz: And you be Huracàn, cyclone, tornado. A gust of august daggers. Blues: Knives almost too sharp to look at. Jazz: Or lightning from storm-dark, rambunctious ether. Blues: When you shiver, you ravish governments. Jazz: Dance, twist, leap, fly! Fly, oh, fly, girl! Mamba to marimba! Blues: Lindy—or buck and wing—all the way back to Africa. Jazz: To nourish.

Blues note, “Ma brassy saint got bushy, tea-black hair, an be a right-handsome crow-black, eh? His lips be blueberries an his cheeks be black an juicy like plush plums; His all-weather smile promises stout vim and vigour, the hard belt of his male mouth; his eyes be river eyes, preacher eyes; his manhood be blood-sausage in tint and feel and fit; his breast yield two sweet black currants; his kingly legs be towers of iron jetting down from a mahogany waist. ” 30 illuminated verses III—Blues & Jazz Blues: Catch the anxious drift of glances on my face, Cross my breasts like succulent, indigo water, Down my turquoise hair, or riding my blue spine.

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