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Conc. , Sess. , Decr. de reform. ) Zwingli’s character was unmercifully attacked by Janssen in his Geschichte des deutschen Volkes, III. ; An meine Kritiker (1883), 127–140; Ein zweites Wort an meine Kritiker (1888), 45–48; defended as far as truth permits by Ebrard, Janssen und die Reformation (1882); Usteri, Ulrich Zwingli (1883), 34–47; Alex. Schweizer, articles in the "Protest. Kirchenzeitung," Berlin, 1883, Nos. 23–27. Janssen answered Ebrard, but not Usteri and Schweizer. The main facts were correctly stated before this controversy by Mörikofer, I.

Zwingli prepared his "Short and Christian Introduction," which was sent by the Council of Two Hundred to all the ministers of the canton, the bishops of Constance, Basle, and Coire, the University of Basle, and to the twelve other cantons (Nov. 100 It may be compared to the instruction of Melanchthon for the visitation of the churches of Saxony (1528). A third disputation, of a more private character, was held Jan. 20, 1524. The advocates of the mass were refuted and ordered not to resist any longer the decisions of the magistracy, though they might adhere to their faith.

Haller of Berne recommended him to Zwingli. Lambert preached some Latin sermons against the abuses of the Roman Church, but still advocated the worship of saints and of the Virgin Mary. Zwingli interrupted him with the remark, "You err," and convinced him of his error in a disputation. The Franciscan thanked God and proceeded to Wittenberg, where Luther received him kindly. 90 § 17. The Sixty-seven Conclusions. On the Sixty-seven Conclusions and the Three Disputations see Zwingli: Werke, I. A. ; Bullinger: I.

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