By Michael Morgan

Six pictures of Blackpowder Fun!

Those previous blackpowder handguns glance nice hung over your mantle - yet they're even more enjoyable to shoot! Now, because of Handbook of recent Percussion Revolvers, writer Michael Morgan indicates you simply how enjoyable those history-making firearms can be.

Inside, you'll find:

• designated loading suggestion for today's sleek blackpowder percussion cap revolvers
• assistance and tips for actual shooting
• In-depth breakdowns for the 3 hottest operating reproductions
• Dozens of old enjoyable evidence and trivia

Morgan's ardour for those vital firearms and his uncomplicated method of capturing their sleek reproductions is bound to ignite an identical pleasure in you. discover the precise global of percussion revolvers - then get your self a gun, a few caps, and allow the lead fly!

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The first volume of the "History of Sexuality" also contains the seeds to a path-breaking analysis of modernity. It finally starts to elaborate on a theoretical concern he articulated long before, namely the study of historically specific forms of subjectivity. Together with knowledge and power, which he had amply treated since the 1950s, subjectivity constitutes what Foucault calls the three axes of experience.? Foucault asserts that in contemporary society, individuals are systematically prompted to tum their sexuality into the object of true discourse - thus tying their identity firmly to confessions regarding the truth of their sexuality.

While she considers a strong routine projection toward the future to be a general feature of human life, Davies believes, with Norbert Elias (1992), that people in advanced industrial society are particularly inclined to "live in and for the future" (Davies 1997: 561). Typically, the diagnosis of HIV makes this assumption untenable. As a consequence, many of Davies' respondents (who are enrolled in the British National Long Term Survivor's Group) stated that they found it "difficult to make any plans above six months" (Davies 1997: 564): the future was perceived plainly as gone in reaction to diagnosis.

Some of the observations that I made while conducting the interviews, for instance when attending the meeting of a given self-help group in order to ask for co-operation, have also had an impact on the development of my ideas. Most of the analysis that I present below, though, relates directly to the interview material. With the necessary qualifications that I will make in the course of this chapter, my approach can broadly be said to belong to the biographical method, 1 I use the term "self-help group for people with HIV" in a broad sense here: two out of the three groups that contributed respondents to my research were led by facilitators who were themselves not HIV-positive.

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