By Eido Shimano Roshi, Janis Levine

Publication through Roshi, Eido Shimano

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Through the vision, this experience is attained. The goal, then, is not to see through our greater sight what might happen tomorrow, what our neighbors are doing with whom, or what the petty world politics will dictate upon their respective nations, but is instead to bring us fully into the present, which is the place and the time in which we exist unconditionally. It is here, in the present, that our True Will, our Wyrd, our Destiny begins to disrobe itself for us, shedding the sheaths of illusion until in its nakedness the reality of All things are known.

We are not learning, in this course of study, how to interpret abstract and random occurrences as something that might be a Divine message or substrata evidence of the improvable. We are learning to create the environment, internally and physically, wherein our silent inner senses may become louder and clearer, and may penetrate into our conscious awareness, thus allowing us to fully understand what exactly we are doing, on every level. We therefore, will not sit and wait for some meaningful symbol to flow to us in our dreamstate, nor will we sift through the endless projections of our subconscious synapses to find something of value.

It is my Knowledge that Seers, prophets and prophetesses, those with whom the angels will speak and the devils will conspire, are among us. In fact, it is my Knowledge that there are more living now who are in constant and conscious connect with the invisible, spiritual world than ever there were in ancient times… in the supposed days of the prophets. The rigor of life through spiritual study has been alleviated, the slavery and torture common in the past is now nearly eradicated in the known world, even religious fervor to the point of madness has become shunned, and so now the Seer is left to himself to dwindle or to rise like a morning star into the heavens of the Eternal.

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