By Pat Condell

For too lengthy faith has loved the good thing about the doubt, taking all of the profit and permitting not one of the doubt. With the increase of Islam and political correctness, the probability it now poses to our easy freedoms is past a shaggy dog story. Award-winning comic Pat Condell will get severe and offers faith the kicking it merits in his well known and debatable video monologues, sixty of that are accumulated the following for the 1st time, together with Welcome to Saudi Britain, loose Speech Is Sacred and get up, the US.

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I reverse the peace sign to make a V-sign, the British equivalent of giving the finger. 13. Miracles and Morals May 29, 2007 Hi everyone. I’ve been asked by various people where I get my morality without religion. Well, isn’t it obvious? I get it by mail order. That’s right, it comes in a plain brown wrapper because I don’t want the neighbours to know what I’m up to. No, seriously, I simply ask myself, what would a Christian do in this situation? And then I do the opposite. I’m kidding, of course.

The Fox network would crucify him, if he hadn’t already been arrested as a terrorist. No, I think right now America is just a little too Christian for Jesus. But I’m optimistic that this will change, because I love America and everything it stands for. Well, everything it originally stood for before it was hijacked by Christian zealots. And I know that if everybody on the planet followed the principles of the American Constitution this would be a much more civilised world than it is. Right now it’s a world of chaos, choking under the poison cloud of religious dogma.

Once they knew Mel Gibson was coming I’m sure everybody wanted to be there. And, to be fair to him, he has made what is now probably the definitive movie on the Easter story – The Passion of the Christ, which, when it first came out, was subjected to quite a lot of criticism and abuse, mainly because it’s a cynical piece of gratuitous trash aimed at simple-minded born again plankton. For this reason, though, it made a lot of money, so now some Hollywood studios get a panel of Christians to vet their movies before release to ensure they won’t offend any ignorant born again shitkickers who might happen to be watching.

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