By Gerard De Vries, K. Horstman

According to specific experiences of the particular use of genetic checking out in context, this e-book seems to be on the moral and political questions raised by means of the increasing function of genetic details in society. not like the confirmed point of view which specializes in person freedom, the authors emphasize a practical process focussed on societal studying.

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They also assessed the seriousness of this possibility and related their assessment to their personal situation. But whereas the first trajectory’s personal context was primarily determined by the ‘cost’ of the ICSI pregnancy, problems in the second case were related to the couple’s original worries, that is, their difficult experiences with the metabolic disorder from which their first child was suffering. In light of these circumstances, the parents did not favour additional analysis, a feeling that grew even stronger when learning that a second invasive procedure came with a renewed risk of miscarriage.

In the fast method – the short-term culture – the results are quickly available, but less reliable as the examined cells are not always genetically the same as the foetal cells. The results of the long-term culture are more reliable, but this method is more time-consuming. The most reliable results are reached through a combination of the fast and the slow methods, but this combination not only takes considerable time, it also requires a lot of work. This is the reason why the AMC makes use of an alternative developed at the hospital (Schuring-Blom 2001).

It seemed rather to stem from the question whether the current ambiguity actually needed clarification. While reflecting on whether clarification of a grey result was (still) necessary or desirable, the professionals also took future decisions on pregnancy continuation or termination into account. Because the idea of clarifying a grey result as a purely technical affair did not seem to hold in these four cases, I will describe them in detail and indicate the specific reasons that prompted the professionals involved to raise this issue.

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