By John Francis Guilmartin

Galleons and Galleys КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Galleons and Galleys Автор(ы): John F. Guilmartin Издательство: Cassell Год: 2002 ISBN: 0304352632 Страниц: 226 Формат: PDF в RAR Размер: a hundred and one Мб Язык: EnglishThe flip of the sixteenth century observed the beginning of a revolution in sea warfare--one lengthy within the making yet, as soon as all started, remarkably fast. the driver: gunpowder. The significant brokers: galleys (long, low boats propelled mostly through oars) and galleons (heavy, sq. rigged crusing ships). all at once, Europe, previously on a technological par with India and China, ruled the waters. They crossed the Atlantic, reached the United States, and have become global powers. A fantastically written account of the age conveys precisely how a rustic like Portugal may perhaps identify outposts from South the US to the Pacific, how Christian fleets wrested keep watch over of the Mediterranean from the Ottoman Empire, and why the "invincible" Spanish armada met with catastrophe in its try and invade England. A brilliant page-turner.Hotfile Depositfiles eighty five

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Capacity was at first given in terms of the number of tuns, lasts or botte that could actually be loaded into a ship's hold. Later, methods were developed for using hull dimensions to calculate precisely capacities in these units (and their local variants, of which there were many). The results were - and are - economically informative. The sizes of sailing warships were calculated in the same way, but the results are less helpful, for carrying capacity is a poor indicator of military potential.

Well suited for extended reaches on the same tack, their lateen rigs were not well suited for frequent tacking in constricted waters. cinnamon, from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), was the only significant exception - and there was a substantial trade in pepper with China. Otherwise, trade patterns and commodities resembled those of the Indian Ocean. The princely states that dominated the region politically considered commercial profit an important element of power and on occasion launched invasion fleets against one another.

Into hIs force. four galiots, 'all Chinazzo Veni e r mar ers and GALLEONS AND GALLEYS against the port of Chioggia, at the southern tip of the lagoons, intending to seize a blockading base from which to strangle Venice. Linking up with Paduan and Hungarian forces investing the lagoons by land, the Genoese fought their way into Brondolo and Lesser Chioggia in turn, storming Chioggia on the morning of 16 August. By evening, the flags of Hungary, Padua and Genoa flew above the plaza and Genoese bombards and trebuchets defended Chioggia's water approaches.

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