By J. Krishnamurti

A suite of poems and parables from the adolescence of J. Krishnamurti.

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The Happiness that knows Of no loneliness, Of immense certainty, Of detachment, Of love that is free of persons, That is free from prejudices, That is not bound by tradition, That is not bound by authority, That is not bound by superstitions, That is of no religion. The Happiness That is not at the command of another, That is of no priest, That is of no sect, That requires no labels, That is bound by no law, That cannot be shaken by God or man, That is solitary and embraces all, That blows from the snow-clad mountains That blows from the hot desert, That burns, That heals, That destroys, That creates, That delights in solitude and in numbers, That fills the soul through Eternity.

Nay, it cannot be, for I have seen, once upon a time, in a far bygone age, the summit of enlightenment. But for how many incarnations must I wander amidst sorrow and tribulation before I knock at the portals of bliss? Without demand, without question, and without lamentation, I must tread this path for another age. I am weary and sick at heart; incarnations of great misery and pain have I endured. Vain hopes and promises have made me strong; imperishable has been my desire for the goal; persistent has been my blind groping after truth, and indestructible my ardent enthusiasm.

When thou art free, untrammelled, When thy body is controlled and relaxed, When thine eyes can perceive all things in their pure nakedness, When thy heart is serene and burdened with affection, When thy mind is well poised, Then, O world, The gates of that Garden, The Kingdom of Happiness, Are open. V From the ancient of times, From the very foundation of the earth, The end for all things Have I known. html (16 of 19) [27/04/2008 22:03:57] FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT 'THE SEARCH' As the mighty river knows At the very beginning of its birth The end of its long journey, Though it wander through many lands, So have I known.

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