By Amos Guiora

Even though many books on terrorism and non secular extremism were released within the years due to the fact that 11th of September, none of them written by way of Western authors demand the curtailment of non secular freedom and freedom of expression for the sake of larger safety. fairly, these terror-related debates have addressed what different civil liberties can be commemorated. matters like torture, family surveillance, and illegal detentions have ruled the literature during this quarter, yet few, if any, significant students have wondered the sizeable allowances made by means of Western countries for the freedoms of faith and speech.

Freedom from Religion demanding situations the just about sacrosanct inviolability of those civil liberties. by means of drawing the relationship among politically-correct tolerance of extremist speech and the increase of terrorist job, this ebook units the context for its particular inspiration that governments should still introduce new limits on non secular perform inside of their borders. to illustrate the knowledge of this direction, the writer provides the disparate regulations and defense situations of 5 international locations: the united states, the united kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Israel. The ebook advantages not only from the author's personal counter-terrorism event in Israel and the U.S. but in addition from a global advisory team of prime students from all 5 of the nations below evaluate.

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Freedom from Religion

Even if many books on terrorism and spiritual extremism were released within the years due to the fact that 9-11, none of them written through Western authors demand the curtailment of non secular freedom and freedom of expression for the sake of larger safeguard. relatively, these terror-related debates have addressed what different civil liberties could be venerated.

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Many might assume that, given the importance of these two rights, that they become exponentially more important when in combination. Given that speech is already highly protected, does this mean that religious-based speech is to receive near total immunity? Yet does not treating religious speech as “extra protected” create a problem as secular individuals will never enjoy this heightened protection? Prof. ”1 This view is articulated in the Netherlands where religious speech enjoys the same rights as secular speech, but not more.

To address this question, we will turn to an examination of a relatively recent example of religious speech becoming criminal incitement: the assassination of Yitzak Rabin. ISRAEL: THE ASSASSINATION OF YITZAK RABIN In 1992, Yitzhak Rabin was elected Prime Minister of Israel. Shortly thereafter, public and secret peace talks were initiated with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). S. President Bill Clinton signed the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn. 11 Rabin had concluded that the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip12 had caused Israeli society enormous damage morally, financially, and strategically.

12 Private conversation with the author, June 12, 2008; details in the author’s records. 13 During the course of the demonstrations, 250 citizens were arrested. 14 These arrests represent classic overreaction both to free assembly and to free speech. This overreaction can be just as dangerous to society as the threat that extremist religion poses; therefore the decision to limit guaranteed rights must be made extremely carefully. THREATS FROM EXTREMIST RELIGION The practice of religion involves three separate, yet intertwined elements: belief, speech, and conduct.

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