By Lewis Roberts Binford

Paleolithic interval, reduce - South Africa - Kaapsedrifrivier Valley. | Animal is still (Archaeology) - South Africa - Kaapsedrifrivier Valley. | Human evolution. | Kaapsedrifrivier Valley (South Africa) - Antiquities. | South Africa - Antiquities.

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If we can understand such a macroscale partcrn, thcn wc are raking a major step forward in our ability to understand something of rhe chaructcr of thc past. Because 1 sought to understand the proccsscs thar operated to creare rhe pattcnning desctihed by Klein, 1 chosc ro use as my initial unir of observation the entirc population of bones rccovcrcd from rhe M5A levcls of Klasies Rivcr Mourh Cave l. My interesr was ro sce if there wcre not sorne additional properrics of rhe nones that could be obscrvcd ro vary in a manner pauerned at the same scalc as geueralized hy Klcin.

Bram. of the Klasies deposits relative ro Icopards since leopard fecding scems ro be nor ar al1 in evidence. Evidence for Hyaenas I havc secn no evidcncc for the role of the hyacna in rhe accumularion of rhc Klasics Rivcr Mouth fauna. l1lY accumulation 011 site woulJ he in rhc conrcxt of h yaeun dcnuiug. 'r ~t(luth) and two dens of the spotted hyaena. AII of these were excavations into sand, generally at rhe hase of a rree so thar the roots tendcJ to support the IQQÍ. -CAu (Oi-¡:;f 60 3. lwing.

Iii) Leve! 14 coincides witb ;1 nsing sea-leve! thnr broughr stcrm-wave actmn directly inro [he cave .. _ . e leve! " than 4 or 5 merers above titar of rbe present.... (iv) Leve! 13 is a typical regressionul eolianite, recording a falling sea level rhar W;lS initially near rbe cave bur uhimately quite disrant. A major glacial-eusratic regression is indicared. This summarizes the stratigraphy of Cave 1 as ir relates ro the MSA. lt is clear that all thc deposits are considered refernble to higb-sea-level episodcs exccpr Leve!

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