By Ben Klassen PME

Increasing CREATIVITY - via Ben Klassen, 1985 Creativity is an concept whose time has come, and in its dynamic booklet - that's a set of Ben Klassen's editorials from the 1st 12 problems with Racial Loyalty newspaper. issues coated comprise Atheism, Christianity, White Racial Teamwork, the lessons of Adolf Hitler, classes from Egypt, our smooth Racial concern, and lots more and plenty extra! a useful number of insightful articles.

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Even though many books on terrorism and spiritual extremism were released within the years when you consider that Sept. 11, none of them written via Western authors demand the curtailment of non secular freedom and freedom of expression for the sake of better defense. particularly, these terror-related debates have addressed what different civil liberties might be commemorated.

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We have moved dirt, we have built buildings, and we have expanded our physical base in many ways. For the record and for posterity, we have set forth some of the highlights of those continuing activities between 1980 and 1985. The "Chronology" immediately following picks up where the FOREWORD of The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE left off. T he C hurch O f T he Creator C hronology o f E vents, 1 980-1985 I n 1980 we published The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and in the FOREWORD of that BOOK we related a brief history of The Church Of The Creator since its founding In 1973.

Join the Church of the Creator. Distribute copies of this book. 19 Racial Loyalty Issue 1 - June 1983 Expanding Creativity T h e F l a t T i re S y ndro m e A doctor is giving a patient a physical check-up. All the while he is groaning and moaning, deploring and lamenting the bad state of the patient's health. Finally he is finished and he reports his diagnosis. "You are a very sick man, Mr. Jones. You have terminal cancer. " The doctor walks off and says: "Solution? I hadn't thought of that. " What would you think of a doctor like that?

We are determined that nothing, but nothing, is going to stop the regeneration, salvation and resurrection of the most precious treasure on the face of the earth - The White Race. Now, we need you, White Man and White Woman who are reading this, to do your part. What can you do? Well, if you have never heard of The Church of the Creator until now, the first thing you can do is to avail yourself of our three basic books. In them is spelled out the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED for the WHITE RACE.

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