By Bernard J. Verkamp

The Evolution of faith: A second look makes an attempt to teach that whereas faith has developed like every different cultural entity, the method isn't really so simple as prior "evolutionists" of faith have made it out to be.

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8 million years ago eventually (c. 2 million years ago) divided into two genuses: the now extinct Australopithecus and Homo, from which would descend Homo habilis (c. 2 million years ago), Homo erectus (c. 9 million years ago), Homo sapiens (c. ), Homo Neanderthalis (c. ) and the fully modern hominids Homo sapiens sapiens (c. , without any clear picture of the end product), but might still have involved a nascent "aesthetic appreciation" of form and color for their own sake, or even a latent sense of magico-religious values.

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