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Birkhäuser's Pocket Dictionary of Biochemistry is the main accomplished English-German/German-English dictionary at the foreign marketplace. greater than 30.000 entries and subentries with a few 50.000 translations and an volume appendix with a particularly compiled record of abbreviations offer clients with an unmatched insurance of biochemistry and similar bioscientific parts. The dictionary excels via a harmonious synthesis of biochemical and normal bilingual dictionaries, making it the precise selection for clients from either medical and linguistic fields. moreover Birkhäuser's Pocket Dictionary of Biochemistry is marked by means of a firstclass linguistic and lexicographic therapy reaching a truly excessive consumer friendliness and person pride. within the English-German half British phrases were incorporated as well as American phrases, therefore making it attainable to discover entries from both language.

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The Enzymes : Hydrolysis: other C-N bonds, phosphate esters.

Entrance disguise; The Enzymes, quantity IV; Copyright web page; Contents; record of individuals; Preface; Contents of different Volumes; bankruptcy 1. Ureases; I. advent; II. Isolation and Purification of Jack Bean Urease; III. Molecular homes; IV. Ureases from different resources; V. Catalytic homes; VI. precis; bankruptcy 2.

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Celluloseglykosyltransferase f cellulose synthase. Cellulosesynthase f cellulose synthase. CELO-Virus nt celovirus, CELO virus. Celsius-Thermometer nt Celsius thermometer, centigrade thermometer. Celsius-Skala f Celsius scale, centigrade scale. Cephalln nt kephalin, cephalin. Cephalosporium nt Cephalosporium. Ceramid nt ceramide, N-acylsphingosine. Ceramidase f acylsphingosine deacylase, ceramidase. Ceramidcholinphosphotransferase f Ceramide choJine phosphotransferase. Ceramidtrihexosidase f ceramide trihexosidase, a-D-galactosidase A, trihexosylceramide galactosylhydrolase.

Chlorophyll d nt chlorophyll d. Chlorophyllabbau m chlorophyll breakdown. Chlorophylla se f chlorophyllase, chlorophyll esterase. Chlorophyllbiosynthese f chlorophy11 biosynthesis. Chlorophyllid nt chlorophyllide. Chlorophyllid a nt chlorophyllide a. Chlorophyllin nt chlorophyllin. Chlorophyii-Protein-Komplex m chlorophyll-protein complex. Chlorophyllsynthase f chlorophyll synthase. Chloroplast m chloroplast. Chlorosom nt chlorosome. p-Chlorphen ol nt p-chloropheno l, parachlorophenol. Chlorsulfuron nt chlorsulfurone.

Dissolutive, melt, disperse. 2. (in Bestandteile) resolve (in into ), disintegrate, break up; (zer- Auflösen setzen) decompose; (chemisch) break down, digest; lyse, lyze. 3. ) dissolve, resolve (in into). II vr sich auflösen 4. dissolve, melt, disperse. 5. (in Bestandteile) disintegrate, break up; (sich zersetzen) decompose (in into); disintegrate, decay, lyse, lyze, autolyse. 6. ) be resolved. Auflösen nt solution, dissolution. Auflösung/ 1. dissolution, dispersion. 2. (in Bestandteile) resolution (in into), disintegration, breaking up; (Zersetzung) decomposition, decay; (chemisch) digestion, dissolution; (biochemisch) Iysis, breakup, breakdown.

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